Our Story

As a young South African family living in the cosmopolitan city of Johannesburg, we found ourselves trying to figure out who we were in this ethnic and cultural melting pot.
We’re a family that has a mix of a Zulu, Xhosa and Tswana heritage yet can’t deny the strong Western influence on our lives and worldviews because of the wild and wonderful world we live in.
Despite being slowly swept away in the rip tide of an ever-evolving cultural identity, one thing we know for certain is that we’re African.This means we’re a diverse, vibrant and colourful people.
We stand out, we laugh out loud and live for the people.
This is what SINKWA SETHU stands for. SINKWA SETHU means “OUR BREAD” in isiZulu.
Adapted from the Lord’s prayer “Give us today our daily bread….”
This is the everyday identity that sustains us, our food, OUR BREAD. iSINKWA SETHU!
So whether you’re hitting the streets, ruling the boardroom or simply hanging out at home, our SINKWA SETHU designs are here to bring colour to your everyday.
* All Sinkwa Sethu garments are designed and made in South Africa. * All garments are made with ORIGINAL THREE CATS Shweshwe.
* Shweshwe is known as the denim of South Africa. It is a pure cotton fabric that is made in multiple patterns and colours, produced exclusively in Zwelitsha, in the Eastern Cape province.